The Matters at Mansfield – Book Review


by Carrie Bebris

ISBN-13: 978-0-7653-1847-3

There are some people you should never invite to a party. Jessica Fletcher (Murder She Wrote) and Mr and Mrs Darcy because scandel follows them and someone always turns up dead.  At least Miss Marple had the decency to look for her corpes in the newspaper.

Mr and Mrs Darcy are attending a ball the at the Fitzwilliams with Lady Catherine, Anne de Burgh and Colonel Fitzwilliam.  Lady Catherine is determined to find a suitably rich and titled match for her daughter Anne.  Anne, however has a different idea and has everyone scrambling when she elopes.  The drama unfolds at Mansfield Park and we get a glimpse of characters from Jane Austen’s classic.  Unfortunately we get only a glimpse and I was sad we didn’t see more of them.

It’s a great series and this book just as good as the others.

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5 Comments to “The Matters at Mansfield – Book Review”

#1 Posted by Laura's Reviews (16.09.09 at 04:47 )

I also enjoyed this book!

#2 Posted by Michelle (16.09.09 at 06:12 )

It is a fun series… can’t believe I’m having trouble finding Suspense and Sensibiity though… seems to be missing at the library – they had only 1 copy!

#3 Posted by velvet (20.09.09 at 10:33 )

so, do the darcy’s meet fanny and edmund at mansfield park?

#4 Posted by Michelle (20.09.09 at 14:17 )

They meet Edmund but not Fanny and not for very long. Mr Crawford, Maria, Sir Thomas and Mrs Norris feature more.

#5 Posted by Heather (22.09.09 at 01:22 )

I love mysteries and these all look great! They are on my list!

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