North by Northanger – Book Review


by Carrie Bebris

ISBN: 0-765-31410-X

Published: 2006

A Mr and Mrs Darcy Mystery

I think my Austen collection is about to expand again.  I’m delighted by how good so many of the Austen inspired novels are.  Carrie Bebris has done a wonderful job of representing the Austen world.  Add Austen to the pot, throw in some Agatha Christie and you have a great recipe for an entertaining series.

North by Northanger – A Mr and Mrs Darcy Mystery is set 1 year after Elizabeth and Darcy’s wedding.  Elizabeth is still finding her feet as the new mistress of Pemberley.  Elizabeth is feeling unsettled by the lasting  influence of its last mistress and is tentative about making changes.

Lady Anne, Darcy’s mother, tragically died giving birth to Darcy’s younger sister, Georgiana.  Between Darcy and Georgiana she endured many miscarriages and stillborns.  Now Elizabeth is pregnant and although happy, her and Darcy are nervous.

While moving a desk, a letter from Lady Anne is discovered.   Not a strange thing to find as it was Lady Anne’s desk being moved and yet it was strange because the letter was addressed to Elizabeth as the next mistress of Pemberley.  The letter, written while she was in labour and just before she died, was hastily composed.   Lady Anne was distressed by misplacing something she treasured and felt she needed to ensure the safe delivery of her baby.  She begs Elizabeth to find it and have it herself for when she delivers her own babies.  Now Darcy and Elizabeth have a mystery to solve as Lady Anne didn’t say what the item was.

An unexpected invitation to visit Northanger Abbey arrives.  Frederick Tilney of Northanger explains that their mothers had been close friends and he wished to know Mr and Mrs Darcy.  Their visit proves to be disastrous and threatens Darcy’s name, reputation and freedom.

When stress is the last thing that Elizabeth needs, their blessed life is thrown into turmoil.

Carrie Bebris writes a wonderful tale that combines Jane Austen with Agatha Christie’s mystery and I loved it.  The characters are so familiar that it feels like they have stepped straight out of Austen’s books and although I guessed the culprits early on I was still surprised as other mysteries were solved.

Now I have only to look forward to reading the other novels in this series.

Thank you Carrie Bebris

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#1 Posted by Lucy (02.09.09 at 22:52 )

Hi:) What a terrific blog you have! I’m so glad to have found you. You’re review is excellent- I just read this one last month for the Everything Austen Challenge and absolutely adored it. Thanks:)
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#2 Posted by Heather (03.09.09 at 07:38 )

I really want to get started on these mysteries! Great review!

#3 Posted by Heather (04.09.09 at 01:37 )

I also have an award for you!

#4 Posted by Laura's Reviews (08.09.09 at 16:03 )

I love this entire series!