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What is a torch under the blanket book?

It’s a book you simply can’t put down at bedtime.

When I was a kid, I smuggled a torch into my bedroom so I could keep reading after my parents switched off the lights.  I’m not sure if it was an original idea of my own or if I picked it up from a book or TV program but I certainly wasn’t the only one doing it.   A survey of my adult aquaintances revealed many did the same thing as a child – sneaky lot aren’t we.

The discipline of being able to put down a good book still escapes me.  I could easily start a good book and finish it in one sitting in my childless years.   It was always a mistake to start a book on a school or work night. Now the responsibilities of family stop me from doing that and it drives me to distraction to have to put an enjoyable book down but hey I love my boys.

Book Reviews

I have created this site to share with you my opinion on books I have read.  Don’t expect comments on the quality of writing, as I don’t feel I am qualified to comment on that.  What I write might be more like a discussion than a traditional book review – you be the judge.   The reason we like a book or how we relate to it is dependent on who we are now, who we were and who we want to be.  We each take away something different  from a book.  Don’t be discouraged from reading a book just because you have read a bad review of it.  Spending time in a book club will show you just how varied opinion can be.  Keep in mind that we each have our preferred genres and reviews will reflect that.   If the story interests you, then read it. What may send one person off to sleep, may be golden inspiration to another.

Keep reading folks and always be brave enough to try books from different genres…. treasures to be found!


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