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Mountain of Whispers – Book Review


by Keith Robinson

Mountain of Whispers is book 3 from the Island of Fog series.  Book 1 Island of Fog. Book 2 Labyrinth of Fire.

Once again we join Hal and his friends as they are sent on another mission that only they, with their special talents, can complete.  Hal, his friends and their families have had little time to settle into their new home when their new world comes under attack. If the young friends can solve a 15 year old mystery, they may just save everyone in this new world and those few survivors left in the old. 

A terrible secret has been revealed to one of the friends when they looked into a magic glass ball.   The truth of what caused the death of millions in their old world is horrible.  The revelation is so shocking it could cause fragile alliances to crumble.  With their new home under threat of invasion, the alliances are more important now than ever.    Hal and his shapeshifting friends are needed to secure the alliances and bring help to repel the invaders. 

Planning is  interupted when an old soothsayer arrives.  His predictions are generally dismissed but something in what he says makes sense to the friends and lines up with what was revealed in the glass ball.  They convince the leaders to let them investigate the soothsayer’s ravings on their way to gather allies.  So, armed only with their shapeshifting abilities, the friends leave to solve the mystery of The Mountain of Whispers. 

Keith Robinson has wielded his special kind of magic again and this book is just as wonderful as the first two.   The books are packed full of adventure and fun but also deliver some serious messages. For example, they  promote teamwork and respect of others; they explore environmental issues and disasters;  and demonstrate the complex issue of integration, immigration and race relations.  There are so many reasons why these books should be on every school list. So many big messages but you never feel like you’re being preached to.  Keith has a beautiful style of writing that sweeps you along effortlessly.  I hope Keith keeps adding to this series because I for one am not ready to put it down.

Thank you Keith Robinson.

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