The Darcy Cousins – Book Review


by Monica Fairview

Monica Fairview again gives us a lovely sequel to Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.

In her last book The Other Mr Darcy we were introduced to Mr Robert Darcy, cousin to Mr Fitzwilliam Darcy of Pemberley.  Mr Robert Darcy harks from America and is now happily settled in the UK with his lovely wife Caroline.  Arriving just in time for the Easter gathering at Rosings hosted by Lady Catherine De Bourgh, are Robert Darcy’s younger brother Frederick and sister Clarissa.

Clarissa Darcy is both beautiful and lively and believes all the world should live and behave as she does.  So in no time at all she affronts Lady Catherine de Bourgh and her ‘court’. 

Georgina Darcy is taken with her cousin.  She hasn’t anyone of her own age to share with and is impressed with her confidence and forthrightness.  Georgina decides to put herself under the tutelage of her brash American cousin but is it really the way it should be or should Clarissa be under Georgiana’s wing? 

During their time at Rosings the two prepare for their first London season and are introduced to a few of the local Kent eligible men.  For the first time since the unfortunate incident with George Wickham (Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen),  Georgiana feels the stirrings of love for one of these young men.

When not impressing the local beaux, the pair decide to get to know their quiet, sickly cousin Anne de Bourgh better.  They tempt her to slip away from her minders and meet them for regular walks.  They are pleased with the changes they detect in Ann and the improvement in her health until one day Ann simply disappears.  Lady Catherine’s heartache and worry turns to rage directed at the girls.  The Darcy families are ejected from Rosings and a rift forms. 

The girls enter London and attempt to enjoy their first season despite the worry surrounding Ann’s disappearance.  Encountering the same Kent gents in London, Georgiana is certain she is falling hard for one man in particular but trouble looms when it seems both girls are trying to impress the same young man.

I do enjoy Monica Fairview’s style of writing and thoroughly recommend her to any fan of Austen or the works inspired by her.

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#1 Posted by Mystica (16.07.10 at 12:20 )

I too like Monica Fairview’s style of writing. I have not read this book so I am making a note of it.

#2 Posted by monica fairview (14.10.10 at 09:26 )

Spotted your review and read it with pleasure. Glad to see you enjoyed The Darcy Cousins!

#3 Posted by Michelle (14.10.10 at 10:52 )

Thanks for dropping by my blog Monica and thanks for dreaming up the ‘The Darcy Cousins’.

#4 Posted by eduardo (14.08.14 at 00:54 )


good info!…