Legends of Marithia, Book 1 – Book Review


by Peter Koevari


Book 1 – Prophecies Awakening

A tale to prove that children often suffer punishment for the crimes of their parents.  In this case, the punishment reaches across generations.  The disastrous decision of one human king to execute a mother and father in front of their child will set the wheels of prophecy in motion.  Making an enemy of the child of a sorceress and vampire king will reverberate through several lifetimes.

The crime is long forgotten and the kingdom of Marithia lives in relative peace.   However that peace is due to be shattered by betrayal.   The son betrays his father, prince betrays his king.  This ambitious prince is no longer willing to wait for his turn to rule and kills his own parent.    In order to seize the throne he seeks help from the child wronged so long ago.  The revengeful sorceress vampire and her prince commit murder and a bloody war for control of all Marithia begins. 

No prophecy worth its salt wouldn’t have an escape clause and in this case, it is a young knight who who has the power to activate a weapon that should banish the evil marauders forever.  However keeping this knight alive long enough to fulfill the prophecy during a time of war will be an formidable task.       

Legends of Marithia has obviously been a labour of love for Peter Koevari.  His passion for the fantasy genre shows through in his storytelling.   Only real fans of the genre can truly write it and convincingly guide the reader through their mind’s creation. 

I found the book easy to read but the easy writing style is not geared for younger readers, 16/17 or over would be my recommendation, as it contains adult themes.  The story powers along and is a fast read.   In fact the speed is such that you hardly know the characters before all the action begins.  A sly trick Mr Koevari… just when I start getting to know everyone better, the book ends and I have to wait for the next installment to renew my acquaintance.  Good luck with writing Book 2 and I look forward to finding out what happens next.

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#2 Posted by Peterkoevari (26.06.10 at 09:05 )

Thans for the review Michelle. I am glad to see that you enjoyed the read, and don’t worry… book 2 will be a lot bigger.

I’ve posted up this review on my site with a clickthrough for people to discover your site.

#3 Posted by Michelle (26.06.10 at 20:53 )

You are welcome and thanks for both the link and dropping by my site Peter. :)

#4 Posted by Rachel (06.07.10 at 12:12 )

Hi! I found your blog via the Australian Book Bloggers Directory! I love meeting fellow book bloggers, even more so, Australian book bloggers! Nice to meet you! :)

And the plot thickens…

#5 Posted by Michelle (08.07.10 at 12:08 )

Nice to meet you too Rachel… thanks for dropping by :D