The Other Mr Darcy – Book Review


by Monica Fairview

After reading Monica Fairview’s The Other Mr Darcy I can’t believe that we’ve had to suffer all this time with only one Mr Darcy.  In a world full of such fine Austen inspired fiction why should we have ever been denied!

Monica Fairview has written a lovely sequel to Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice in which we are introduced to Mr Fitzwilliam Darcy’s American cousin Mr Robert Darcy. I was pleasantly surprised to find the icy Miss Caroline Bingley as the heroine.  We witness Caroline and Robert’s first disasterous meeting on the day of Fitzwilliam’s marriage to Eliza Bennet.   

Much to Caroline’s embarrassment she is thrown into Robert Darcy’s path again when he is called on to escort her and her sister to Pemberley due to a family crisis.  The humiliation she faced on the occasion of their first meeting makes further contact unbearable.  Robert Darcy has seen her unmasked and vulnerable.  The public face that Caroline had been schooled to display doesn’t fool him and she is at his mercy.

I really enjoyed this book and felt comfortable and secure with the characters right from the opening pages.  Monica Fairview has treated Jane Austen’s characters faithfully and respectfully.  I enjoyed The Other Mr Darcy so much that I’ve just purchased The Darcy Cousins (also by Monica Fairview) and can’t wait to start it.

Thank you Monica Fairview.

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