The Hunger Games – Book Review


by Suzanne Collins

Panem is a country ruled by an unsympathetic Capital, motivated only by excess and entertainment.  The surrounding Districts provide the Capital with that excess and once a year they provide the pinnacle of entertainment – The Hunger Games.  In a cruel display of power the Capital conducts the reaping.  From each of the twelve districts, two participants are chosen, a boy and a girl between ages 12-18.  These participants are taken to the Capital where they participate in a televised life and death game of an epic scale. With the reaping weighted toward the poorest residents it also acts to divide the districts into classes.

16yo Katniss Everdeen is the main provider for her little family.  She hunts illegally to bring food and other essentials to her mother and young sister Prim.  She is an efficient hunter and a survivor. This year her name is entered 20 times in the reaping, 5 times due to her age and 15 times due to trading for grain and oil.  Her little sister Prim is entered once, for her first reaping.

Against unbelieveable odds 12yo Prim’s name emerges from the reaping, a guaranteed death sentence.  Katniss has only one choice, she exercises her right to enter herself in her sister’s place.  Her entry is likely to kill her but if she can win then their family will never go hungry again.        When Peeta Mallark emerges as the boy entry, Katniss can’t believe her bad luck.  Peeta possesses a power over her although they’ve never spoken, she owes him a debt.  So Katniss and Peeta Mallark leave for the Capital as District 12 contestants.  A contest where 24 enter the arena but only 1 comes out.

The Hunger Games combines a nail-biting fight for life and a heart-wrenching love triangle. Suzanne Collins has written a griping, fast paced book that I couldn’t put down.  I loved The Hunger Games.  The characters are strong and allow you to love and hate them just as you should.  You will find yourself wanting to insight a rebellion on their behalf.  As this is the first in a triology, I’m thrilled to be guaranteed two more to read.

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#1 Posted by Heather (14.12.09 at 13:27 )

I love this series too! I can’t wait for the third installment in August! You’ll love Catching Fire too! Great review!

#2 Posted by Michelle (14.12.09 at 15:40 )

Thanks Heather!

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#4 Posted by Shannon (20.12.09 at 00:53 )

This was, by far, the BEST book I’ve read this year.

Yes, it was published last year… but I didn’t read it until this past September. And when I finished, I immediately went out to get Catching Fire! (have you read book 2 yet? It’s even better than the first one!)

Cannot wait for book 3.

#5 Posted by Michelle (20.12.09 at 06:46 )

Thanks Shannon… I loved it too… I have read catching fire… got a review coming! Thanks for commenting

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