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by Denise Robbins

Samantha Spenser has been shot.  Her dad summoned her home urgently but isn’t there to greet her, she is shot while snowboarding; temporarily loses some of her memory; is kidnapped; escapes and doesn’t know who to trust.    She is a capable woman but as she can’t even remember her name, she may have to accept help from the amber-eyed angel-man who patched up her wounds.

Maximilian Stone has enough to worry about.  He is trying to find his missing FBI agent brother, Kevin, when he is delivered with a shot up snow bunny.  The snow bunny claims to have lost her memory but is it just a coincidence that this gorgeous, green-eyed woman arrives, shot, at his door, when his brother went missing investigating a case in the area?

Sam and Max manage to join forces to find her father and his brother, despite being distracted  - a lot – by their mutual sexual attraction.

Killer Bunny Hill is a follow up to Denise’s first novel It Happens in Threes.  It is a series and the books are linked but stand alone well.

It is a fun and easy read.  I hope and pray that if ever I am in need of rescuing, that the rescuers aren’t so easily distracted from the job by their ‘need’ for each other!  However, their numerous distracted moments make great entertainment for a reader of novels!

It is deliciously sexy, so have fun with Killer Bunny Hill.

Breaking News!

Connect the Dots sm

The follow up to It Happens in Threes and Killer Bunny Hill (review above) is about to land on Denise Robbins’ doorstep!

Connect the Dots will be available December 15th, 2009.


Want a go at winning a signed copy or even the whole set signed by the author?

There are lots of other prizes too.

Join the Countdown to Connect the dots Release Competition by starting at Denise’s site

Till Dec 15, follow the trail, answer the questions, connect the dots and post your answers back on Denise’s site each day for a chance to win.


For those of you who have arrived looking for an answer to the last question – I’m not going to hand it to you on a platter!

So here is a Clue Insead of an Answer: Cops In Armani


The next question you have to answer is:   What is the heroine’s job in Connect the Dots?

Go on a romantic stroll through Ceri Hebert’s blog tomorrow to find the answer :

Good luck everyone!

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