Netherfield Park Revisited – Book Review


by Rebecca Ann Collins

Book 3 of the Pemberley Chronicles

Jonathon Bingley, son of Charles and Jane Bingley, manages Lady Catherine De Bourgh’s estate, was a respected member of parliament and beloved by his family.  All his family, with the exception of his wife.  His busy life has resulted in his marriage becoming fractured.  He is geniuinely saddened by their condition and has tried to make his wife happy.  Amelia-Jane Bingley, daughter to Charlotte and Reverend Collins, will not be made happy by her husband though.  She has chosen to accept the bad advice and interference of Caroline Bingley and leave her husband.  Her behaviour will harm the family’s reputation and will damage Jonathon’s career.

With the support of his children, parents, aunts and uncles he struggles to keep his family free from the scandal.

This is a beautiful series and I’m anxious to read more Rebecca Ann Collins’ Pemberley Chronicles.

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#1 Posted by Laura's Reviews (29.10.09 at 21:03 )

Great review! This sounds like a good series that I need to pick up myself!

I have an award for you