The Ladies of Longbourn – Book Review


by Rebecca Ann Collins

Book 4 of the Pemberley Chronicles

Anne-Marie Bradshaw has just been widowed.  Beautiful, in her early twenties and with no children, you could assume that she would find happiness again with another man.  Her family is very concerned about her though.  She doesn’t grieve like you would expect and they are confused by her behaviour.  Unbeknownst to them, she is wracked by guilt over accepting a man whom she didn’t love.  Feelings of relief for the freedom her husband’s early death has given, is eclipsed by the sense of guilt for feeling that relief.  Anne-Marie is in a dark place and her family feels helpless.

Her salvation comes from the worthy endeavour to form a children’s hospital in the area.  With her energy directed to thatcause she begins to reclaim herself.  The children’s hospital saves Anne-Marie and Anne-Marie unwittingly saves more than the local children.  The new member of parliament for Netherfield is a passionate supporter of the hospital and of Anne-Marie.  Will she be able to get past her fear of entering into another loveless marriage though?

Rebecca Ann Collins has superbly captured the era and the integrity of Jane Austen’s England.  This series is beautiful and I thoroughly recommend it to Austen fans.

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2 Comments to “The Ladies of Longbourn – Book Review”

#1 Posted by Maria Grazia (23.10.09 at 04:15 )

I’m already in love simply seeing the beautiful cover. Then from what you’ve written it seems just heaven for an Austen fan like me! Thanks Michelle!

#2 Posted by Laura's Reviews (23.10.09 at 05:48 )

Sounds interesting!