The Independence of Miss Mary Bennet – Book Review


by Colleen McCullough

Audio Book – Read by Nicki Paull

What shall Mary Bennet, 3rd sister of the Bennet girls, do now she is able to chose for herself.  She has spent the past twenty years quietly tending to her mother while her other sisters were busy marrying and expanding their families.  Her mother has died and now free, she may pursue her dream of publishing a book  about the conditions of the poor in England.  Mary Bennet is about to become acquainted with the world.

I had read that Colleen McCullough was mocking Austen’s Pride and Prejudice with this novel and my initial reaction to this story was frustration.  I fully admit to abusing you mercilessly Colleen McCullough, for sending my beloved Austen characters into wretched situations.  The Pride and Prejudice characters, twenty years on, were so different and disturbing that I was actually angry!  You are cunning though, Colleen McCullough, because having just put me in the pit of despair you then started to pull me from it.  Were you mocking P&P, I’m not sure but I really enjoyed the book eventually.  What you gave Mary Bennet and her family was truly wonderful.

So be brave Austen fans and trust Colleen to take you on a wonderful journey for Mary Bennet’s sake and independence.

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2 Comments to “The Independence of Miss Mary Bennet – Book Review”

#1 Posted by Maria Grazia (15.10.09 at 01:05 )

I’d love to read it, maybe because I remember reading one of Coleen Mc Cullough’s novels ages ago and starting dreaming about living in Australia, so well she had described the life there . I was only a teen, then! I completely trust her experience as a writer of novels! I must get this one! Thanks for your review, Michelle.

#2 Posted by Michelle (15.10.09 at 21:44 )

Thanks Maria… I think you are referring to The Thorn Birds… a classic! Hope you enjoy this one too.