The Darcys and the Bingleys – Book Review


by Marsha Altman

ISBN-13: 9781402213489

Published: 2008

Ms Altman, I bow down to your wit, humour and superior story-telling skills.  The Darcys and the Bingleys was wonderful.

I regularly laughed out loud and was loathe to have to put the book down to keep my family fed and watered.

What a romp this book is, love and a fair amount of lust, (she says excitedly), mysteries, attempted murders, sword fights and rotten scoundrels.

The book contains all our favourite characters from Pride and Prejudice and begins just before Darcy and Bingley are to marry the beautiful Bennet sisters, Elizabeth and Jane.

Bingley is nervous about the wedding night and goes to Darcy for advice.  Here enters ‘the book’ the famous Kama Sutra, that I’m sure still resides in many a secret hideyhole in master bedrooms all over the world.  The Bennet sisters are horrified by the ‘responsibilities of a wife’ imparted to them by their mother on the eve of their wedding.  However, the sisters soon learn that being a responsible wife with loving and ‘educated’ husbands is not at all horrible.

Not surprisingly, the sisters are soon pregnant and the families start to expand. They have been great friends but becoming brothers has encouraged Darcy and Bingley to be competitive and occupy themselves by trying to best the other in anything. The voice of calm and reason comes to the brothers from an unexpected yet delightful source – one of my favourite characters – Mr Bennet.

A distraction does come in the form of a suitor for Caroline Bingley.  Charles asked Darcy to form an opinion of him as he himself does not trust the man.  Darcy also feels that something is amiss with the northerner Lord Kincaid, so he and the family are duty bound to discover who he is.

I loved this book to bits and am waiting on Plight of the Darcy Brothers to be delivered. Be kind to yourself and read it now… so off you go.

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4 Comments to “The Darcys and the Bingleys – Book Review”

#1 Posted by Heather (07.09.09 at 06:44 )

Best review of this book I’ve read! Sounds so fun and exciting! I need to really get this one and start reading. Thanks again!

#2 Posted by Shannon (08.09.09 at 11:20 )

I read this book for the Challenge, too! And I also loved it. The constant competitions between Darcy and Bingley were too funny.

#3 Posted by velvet (20.09.09 at 10:35 )

i do so adore this book cover. but was hesitant to read about the two couples post Pride and Prejudice. your review is giving me second thoughts to give this book a try.

#4 Posted by Michelle (20.09.09 at 14:19 )

Velvet – Me too… I was so dedicated to my Austen books I’d never read anything Austen inspired until recently and now I can’t believe I waited.

This series is brilliant and I just finished Plight of the Darcy brothers (the next one) and it’s just as good… not as many laughs but still great.