Mr Knightley’s Diary – Book Review


by Amanda Grange

This ‘Diary’ series by Amanda Grange is a real treasure.

To observe Jane Austen’s Emma from Mr Knightley’s point of view is precious.  It presents Mr Knightley in a surprising way, with a little more vulnerability than you might have assumed.  Revealing insecurities that were only alluded to at the end of Emma.

Emma laments being doomed to blindness but this book accuses Mr Knightley of the same fault.

Mr George Knightley’s bachelorhood has always been a topic of conversation amongst the local ladies but he had never been inclined to change his position.  However, recently he has begun to feel his isolation and finds himself envious of those around him happily coupled. There are suitable women within his social circle but cannot imagine any of them being the mistress of Highbury.

His days are spent managing his estate and evenings spent sitting with his much loved neighbours Mr Woodhouse and his daughter Emma.  The Woodhouses and Knightleys were joined by marriage when Mr Knightley’s brother John married Emma’s older sister Isabella and Emma and Mr Knightley are doting aunt and uncle to John and Isabella’s much loved children.

If he finds no mistress of Highbury then Mr Knightley is happy in the knowledge that John’s eldest son will inherit.   He is content to spend his days and nights just as they are.

His pleasant resigned life is shaken with the arrival of a much talked of gentleman, Mr Frank Churchill, son of his good friend Mr Weston.  Mr Weston’s recent marriage to Emma’s governess Miss Taylor has resulted in a visit from Mr Churchill.  It has long been discretely discussed that Mr Churchilll and Miss Woodhouse may make a good match.  On meeting, the pair appear to be very pleased with each other.

Emma Woodhouse considers herself a matchmaker but her maneuvers to promote pairings causes no end of trouble.  Mr Knightley, Emma’s greatest critic, is frustrated by her nonsense and is truly concerned about her lack of sense.  His frustration seems only heightened by the influence of Mr Churchill on Emma.  Shocked by the severity of his reaction to Mr Churchill, Mr Knightley begins to wonder if what he is feeling is really jealousy.

Another great diary from Amanda Grange.  I recommend it to any Austen fan but beware because you are in danger of falling hopelessly in love with these Austen men.

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3 Comments to “Mr Knightley’s Diary – Book Review”

#1 Posted by Heather (07.09.09 at 06:42 )

Yes, this series is on my TBR list! Great review!

#2 Posted by Shannon (08.09.09 at 11:32 )

I liked this book… not as much as I enjoyed “Mr. Darcy’s Diary” (also by Amanda Grange)

I’m currently reading “Colonel Brandon’s Diary” for the Challenge!

#3 Posted by Michelle (08.09.09 at 12:00 )

Agreed – Although glad to hear your are reading Colonel Brandon – I think it might be the best of the lot, Despite my crush on Darcy!