Vampire Academy – Book Review


by Richelle Mead

ISBN: 9781595141743

Published: 2007

I knew nothing about this series when I picked up Vampire Academy and admit I only bought it because I’m fascinated with the popularity of these beasties.

What is it about vampires that makes them so irresistible.  I guess it has something to do with the intimacy of the attack.  The victims never seem to be flailing in pain or screaming.  They are seduced by said beastie and willingly present their necks to be drained of their precious liqueur.

Richelle Mead’s vampires possess all the necessary traits to make them irresistible.  She also provides us with two different types of vampire.  The Moroi are peaceful, don’t kill and are, unusually, alive.  The Strigoi are the dark to the Moroi’s light, they take pleasure in killing and are actually dead.   The Strigoi are Moroi gone bad.

A Moroi becomes Strigoi if they drink till they bring on the death of their victim or feeder.  The Strigoi are much stronger than Moroi and are a great threat to them.   Moroi blood sustains the Strigoi better than any other but the Moroi can also be made into Strigoi forcibly.  Given this threat, the Moroi have guardians to help keep them safe.  The guardians are called Dhampir and are offspring of Moroi + Humans or Moroi + Dhampir or Dhampir + Human (confused?).  They are not vampires but possess heightened senses and strength.  Both Moroi and Dhampir are schooled at academies and this is where Richelle Mead bases her story.

Rose Hathaway is Dhampir and guardian to her best friend Lissa Dragomir.  Lissa is a Moroi princess and the last of her family.  2 years ago the girls had to flee St Vladimir’s Academy as it was no longer safe there for Lissa.  It seems Strigoi are not the only danger to Lissa.  Not knowing who to trust, they asked no-one for help, kept moving and evaded capture – until now.  They are returned to the Academy to finish their schooling under strict supervision.  The blame falls on Rose for Lissa’s kidnapping, she is put on probation, given extra training and confined when not training.

Lissa is still in danger and Rose still doesn’t know from where or from whom.  Not being close to Lissa is a problem but her and Rose share an unusual and secret bond that allows Rose to monitor what Lissa is feeling.  There is one danger Rose is certain off  and that is the danger of Lissa to herself.

Rose has to somehow, keep Lissa safe, complete her training so she will be officially given guardianship of Lissa after graduation, repair her reputation and not fall in love with her instructor.

I enjoyed this book despite being very irritated by the main character Rose.  The characters are teenagers but the angst, tantrums and drama was a bit much for me.  I’m aware they have an excuse as their brain lobes are disconnecting from each other at that age but the adult characters were far too forgiving.  Maybe I’m being too harsh – I’m so happy to be a grown up that it’s not easy being back in a teenage world.  Vampire Academy wasn’t as exciting as I hoped for but still entertaining.  I can’t say I loved the book but I must have like it because I picked up the next one straight away and am happy to read the whole series.   If you are into vampire fantasy then I’m sure you will like it too.

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3 Comments to “Vampire Academy – Book Review”

#1 Posted by velvet (20.09.09 at 10:38 )

i liked the first book in this series too. i like the dynamic between the two girls. they both have strengths to watch out for.

#2 Posted by Michelle (20.09.09 at 14:20 )

Velvet – I’ve read the whole series (so far) and I’ve really enjoyed it. I got to like Rose I bit than I did in the first one and Dimitri gets very sexy!

#3 Posted by Terry (23.08.14 at 01:14 )


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