Everything Austen Challenge Task 10


Emma 1996 Movie

Every time I watch this movie I am struck by how well Gwyneth Paltrow portrays Emma and all her foibles.

1996 gave us two adaptations of Emma – one for cinema and one for TV and I have to admit to admiring them both equally.  I can’t separate them.

Having said that, I may have a tiny preference for this one for reasons of loyalty to fellow aussies Toni Collette and Greta Scacchi.

Gwyneth’s Emma is lovely and sweet.  A little different from the novel, where you take longer to warm to her.

Emma can do no wrong in the eyes of those around her and becomes self-important, considering herself queen of her domain.  She thinks she knows what is best for all those around her but as she arranges her players she soon learns the error of her judgement.  She learns the difference between true kindness and condescending to be kind.

The acting is wonderful and sure, each convincing in their characters.  Even those in love with Ewan McGregor will want to slap his face.  One of my favourite characters in Emma is  Jane Fairfax and I thought Polly Walker was mesmerising.

Overall a lovely adaptation of Austen’s Emma.

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3 Comments to “Everything Austen Challenge Task 10”

#1 Posted by Heather (25.08.09 at 13:01 )

Definitely love this adaptation! It’s my favorite! you are coming along on your challenge!

#2 Posted by Maria Grazia (25.08.09 at 19:37 )

Task 10!!! OMG, I’m still trying to complete my third one! But it is so much fun to read all the other participants’ reviews… Well, this adaptation is “highly enjoyable and recommendable”. Is this comment Austenish enough?

#3 Posted by Kat (03.09.09 at 21:11 )

I need to watch more Austen film adaptations. I studied Emma in high school, but I’ve never seen it in film (unless you count Clueless *g*).