Darcy’s Diary – Book Review


by Amanda Grange

ISBN: 0709078609

Published: 2005


I’m glad Amanda Grange has written quite a few Austen inspired novels because I’ve not had my fill of her!

Discovering more about Fitzwilliam Darcy through his diary entries gives the book a personal, intimate touch.  We know so little about the Austen men because her books only involve them as they related to her female characters.  Amanda Grange has done a wonderful job of presenting Darcy and I am just as in love with him as Elizabeth Bennet.

The diary spans a time of just under 2 years.  Darcy is a single man of great fortune and is satisfied with his life.  His valuable time is spent caring for his sister Georgiana, running his estate, Pemberley and maintaining suitable connections.  When Darcy decides to surprise his sister by joining her at the seaside, he is horrified to discover that she was about to elope.  Her seducer was someone he intimately knew and despised, George Wickham.  Wickham was only after his sister’s fortune but had convinced her that they were in love.  Darcy was lucky to have arrived in time to save his sister from ruin.  After seeing Georgiana safe again, Darcy meets with his friend Charles Bingley to help him find a home to lease for himself.

Bingley’s choice is a grand home in Hertfordshire and settles at Netherfield.  It is here that Bingley and Darcy meet the Bennet sisters.  Despite her unfortunate connections Darcy finds himself drawn to the feisty Elizabeth Bennet, who it seems has been sent to test him.

From here Amanda Grange  treats us to the familiar scenes from Pride and Prejudice but told from Fitzwilliam Darcy’s point of view.

What a wonderful book is Darcy’s Diary.  I enjoyed it so much I’ve added to my bedside table Colonel Brandon’s Diary, Edmund Bertram’s Diary and Mr Knightley’s Diary.

Thank you Amanda Grange.

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I’ve read Mr. Darcy’s, Mr. Knightley’s and Colonel Brandon’s diaries…

Mr. Darcy’s has been my favorite!