Colonel Brandon’s Diary – Book Review

Colonel Brandon's Diary

by Amanda Grange

ISBN: 9780709086161

Published: 2008

Another treasure from Amanda Grange.  I am well on my way to a new author crush.  I love these books about the Austen men.  Jane Austen never gave us any scenes that involved just men.  She had never observed men without the influence of women in the room, so therefore didn’t write about them.  I’m so glad Amanda Grange did.

This diary spans a time of 20 years unlike Darcy’s Diary which was just 2.  Colonel James Brandon’s character, when entering Sense and Sensibility is obviously still very affected by his tragic past.  This diary gives us some insight into that past and how the Colonel became the outstanding man that he is.

It outlines his troubled relationship with his family and the devotion to his first love.  His first love Eliza, a ward to his father, is forced to marry Brandon’s brother, the heir of the Brandon estate.  His brother is selfish, cruel and indulgent and while James is abroad, Eliza is cast out by his brother.

When he returns to England, he is now Colonel Brandon.  He seeks out Eliza and finds her dying and with a child.   The Colonel cares for Eliza in her last days and takes on little Eliza as his ward.  He raises Eliza as best a single man can.  She is as romantic and headstrong as her mother was and he indulges her too much.  Eliza is allowed on a holiday with a school friend and her father to Bath.  While in Bath she disappears.  Brandon searches for her in vain and after several months is losing hope of recovering her.

During this time, he is introduced to a family, recently moved into Barton cottage, owned by his friend, Sir John Middleton and on his estate, Barton Park.  Mrs Dashwood has lost her husband and the Dashwood estate was passed down to his son by his first marriage John Dashwood.  John Dashwood offers no assistance to his stepmother and 3 stepsisters who are forced to accept the charity of their cousin, Sir Middleton.

From his first meeting Miss Marianne Dashwood, he is taken with her spirit and beauty. For the first time since Eliza, he has feelings for a woman again.   Unfortunately, Miss Marianne does not believe in 2nd attachments and is also very much in love with a much younger man, the dashing John Willoughby.

Another beautiful book by Amanda Grange.  It is wonderful to spend more time with the characters from Jane Austen’s books.  So often, I have finished her books and wished I could spend more time with the people she wrote.

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6 Comments to “Colonel Brandon’s Diary – Book Review”

#1 Posted by Maria Grazia (22.08.09 at 00:55 )

A charming world seen from a different point of view. Interesting. Colonel Brandon has always been a very trustful, loyal, generous character in my mind. Anyway, he would never conquer my love, only my esteem and my sympathy. Dashing Willoughby is too fascinating!

#2 Posted by Heather (23.08.09 at 08:40 )

I have all her diaries on my TBR list! They all look great, thanks for your review!

#3 Posted by Shannon (19.09.09 at 06:40 )

I read this for the Challenge, too… and just posted my review today :)

#4 Posted by Ellenor (01.03.10 at 03:39 )

I haven’t read this book but I haven’t been very convinced by it purely because it says his name is James but I’ve always thought it was Christopher. Please correct me if I’m wrong, it’s just the influence I’ve always been under but that made me feel that this book isn’t that good. Reading your review I may have to try it though…

#5 Posted by Michelle (01.03.10 at 08:55 )

ooo you’ve got me curious.. I didn’t think Jane had mentioned his name in Sense and Sensibility so didn’t mind what it was but I happen to be reading sense and sensibility at the moment actually so will keep my eyes peeled for it. Thanks for commenting.

#6 Posted by Fredrick (22.08.14 at 23:50 )