Island of Fog – Book Review


by Keith Robinson

ISBN: 13 978-1-4421-1441-8

Published: April 2009

I love young adult fiction and make no excuses for it.  I eagerly awaited the arrival of my copy of Island of Fog but when it arrived I was suddenly nervous because I really wanted to like it.  I tentatively stepped into the prologue, let out the breath I was holding and launched into the first chapter.  Now my book has a distinct bend in the middle from being stuck under my arm while I tended to my life of the last 3 days.   What a great adventure Keith Robinson took me on.  In keeping with the tradition of young adult fiction, Island of Fog brings together a group of young people who have to solve a mystery in order to save themselves and those they love.

Twelve year old Hal and Robbie are best friends and live in a small community on a green lush island.  The outside world is not known to them, their parents exiled themselves when the world was ravaged by a deadly virus.  Despite being marooned, their island life, up till now, has been ideal but now in their teens they start to question their surroundings.  They crave things they have only heard about, they crave adventure and something new, they crave the sun and the moon.  The sun and moon are never seen on their island because the island is covered in a thick impenetrable fog.   Hal, Robbie and the other teenagers on the island are getting restless. They are adolescents and like all adolescents are going through physical and mental changes.  They are becoming adults, getting taller, stronger, and forming crushes.  They are growing hair in strange places but is it normal to grow it on your fingers, is it normal to be itching all day, is it normal to have a green scaly rash or sharp fangs.  Should they show their parents?  Can they trust their parents, whose explanations don’t seem convincing anymore?  Can they trust the strange outsider who arrives, unaffected by the virus and conveniently, at the same time as their physical changes?  They know they aren’t being told the truth and set out to find it.

Island of Fog travels along at an enjoyable pace and the suspense has you hungry for each page turn.  I thoroughly enjoyed the book and love that young adult fiction can take you off on a great adventure without you being muddied up by ‘adult themes’.  Island of Fog ends but the story is certainly not wrapped up and I searched the last few blank pages with hope of finding an excerpt of the next book.   So, Keith Robinson, thank you for Island of Fog and as I can feel a series coming on, I sit, eagerly awaiting book two.

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#1 Posted by Maria Grazia (07.08.09 at 22:23 )

Lovely blog, Michelle! Do you know that after reading a novel set in Australia when I was 14 I wanted to move there? Just a dream never come true! It’s so far from my country but the Net has made our acquaintance possible, also thanks to the Everything Austen Challenge. Thanks for commenting on my blog. Cheers!

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