Everything Austen Challenge Task 2

Completed 2 of 6 – Watched Mansfield Park (1999) with Frances O’Connor playing Fanny Price. Love this version. Love this character. Out of all the Austen women this one I can relate to the most. Probably want to BE more like Elizabeth Bennet but definately AM more like Fanny Price. All the actors in this version are just as I see them in the book. This version takes me straight into the story especially the scenes back in her childhood home. You can almost smell it. Wish her brother had been included though.. an unfortunate character to drop. Mansfield Park, the book, wraps up too quicky for my comfort and this movie version is no different. Wish we had more time with Fanny and Edmund.

Note – Still reading Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

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2 Comments to “Everything Austen Challenge Task 2”

#1 Posted by Celia (06.08.09 at 10:11 )

I can totally feel you on the ‘being’ more like one character while ‘wanting’ to be more like another. I too enjoyed this film, though they definitely took a few liberties. Enjoy the rest of your challenge list!

#2 Posted by Heather (07.08.09 at 12:47 )

I watched this version first and had never read Mansfield Park…so I tried and I couldn’t get through it; I guess they’re just too different! But I have made a goal to try it again!